Our marina respects the nature

What is “Ports Propres” certification

A STATEMENT: production of toxic waste from port activities (batteries, oils, solvents, paints, etc.) and the presence of fairing water, waste water, rainwater loaded with pollutants likely to be found in the marina environment.

AN OBJECTIVE: “Ports Propres” aims to encourage all operations that contribute to improving the environmental quality of marinas, such as the banning of plastic bags or underwater cleaning, both on the surface and on land.

HOW? Consideration of the problem of waste management and effluent discharge in ports.

Port de la rague voiture

“Ports Propres” sees the port as a support for the production of initiatives in favour of sustainable development (energy, biodiversity,…).
This involves the energy transition, i.e. the optimization of the available surface area on a port to produce energy, but also by mobility. Meaning here to promote electric power on and in the port, an essential first step to evolve on the issue of mobility.

As well as the reconquest of biodiversity, ports must be replanted, knowing all the benefits that vegetation can bring to the environment in general.
Awareness is an essential point on which it is urgent and necessary to focus.

The approach

The Port de la Rague has been deeply involved, for a decade now, in the “Clean Ports” environmental approach. The port’s actions in favour of the environment are for example:

  • Raising marina’s visitors awareness
  • Limiting printed and posted mail
  • Preference for the purchase of energy from renewable sources
  • The end of the use of single-use plastic objects during events
  • The installation of charging points for electric vehicles
  • The installation of 100% LED lighting, more economical, ecological and sustainable than traditional lighting.
  • The organisation of anti-pollution exercises in order to be prepared for the risks of, for example, oil spills.